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Aloha! I finally got around to editing all of my photos from my trip to Hawaii. Talk about nostalgia (sigh). I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Oahu to attend my sister’s graduation from the University of Hawaii at Monoa. It was such a proud moment being able to watch my younger sister graduate from college. And since I was in Hawaii, I had to make sure I took some time to take in everything the island had to offer!

So I decided to put together a little list of recommendations for anyone who goes to Oahu, Hawaii! With my mom growing up on Oahu and my sister going to school there, I feel like I have compiled some fun options to see all the best parts of the island (in my humble opinion).


Ehukai Beach (Banzai Pipeline): The legendary beach, known for hosting the Pipeline Masters surf tournament, is a spectacle to behold. Not the best beach for swimming because of the dangerously powerful waves, but a beautiful beach in the gorgeous North Shore.

Lanikai Beach: Once ranked the #1 beach in the world, this spot is small and quaint with sparkling, fine sand. One of my favorite places to lounge.

Kailua Beach: Kailua is very close to Lanikai. This beach is much bigger than Lanikai and offers more opportunities for facilities and rentals.

Magic Island: This beach is just West of Waikiki and is the perfect place for families. There is a man-made peninsula offering calm waters, making it perfect for picnics and swimming. This is also a great surf spot (see surf photos).


Manoa Falls: A quick and easy hike taking you through a rain forest and to a small waterfall and tide pool (hike/waterfall photos).

Diamond Head: Picturesque hike up to an extinct volcano. Offers amazing views.

Lanikai Pillboxes: This hike is easy to intermediate level with a steep start, but the views from the historic pillboxes are well worth it.

The Dead Man’s Catwalk and the Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven): These are two of the most popular hikes in Oahu because of the fantastic views offered.  However, both have been outlawed in the recent years due to trails being dangerous and poorly maintained.  I put these in because people continue to trespass and damage the trails, causing problems for the people, culture, and habitat of Hawaii.  There are so many good views and hikes in the area, please don’t endanger both yourself and the area and culture by trespassing and breaking rules.

Extracurricular Activities:

Mermaid Caves: While they are dangerous due to tide changes and rocks, these caves are beautiful and a local secret (see cave photos).

Snorkeling: Tons of options all over the island.

Surfing: Lots of good options near Waikiki, Magic Island, or Waimea Beach Park if you are a little more experienced. It also all depends on the time of year.

Mai-Tai Catamaran Cruise: A fun way to get out on the water and get great views of Waikiki and Diamond Head.

Food: Eat everything in site while you’re in Hawaii. So many places have fresh seafood, fruits, drinks, and other exotic Hawaiian offerings. And always eat at the food trucks.

Obviously, there are so many more adventures offered on Oahu and throughout Hawaii.  These are just some small highlights that make me love the islands!



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