I have had the pleasure of wearing a Jord wood-watch and it has been one of my best decisions yet. It’s no secret that I am a watch guy…I love them. However, I am very picky about the watches I choose to wear. With that being said, I have never owned a wood watch. This is mainly because I hadn’t found one that really grabbed my eye or one I had to have around my wrist. This Jord watch is different, though. Not only do I love the look of the watch (being able to see the interior of the watch moving and working is SO cool) but also it’s comfortable and an attention grabber. I have received so many compliments on the look of the watch and it goes with so many different looks.

Jord has tons of great watches and different designs to choose from. I personally went with the Dover series, and for a couple of reasons. First, I have a minimalist mentality when it comes to watches. I am not a fan of the big watches with tons of dials and faces…too much going on for me, personally. What I loved about the Dover series is that you get the classic, minimalist look along with some eye-catching color offset and the ability to see the inner functionality of the watch. I feel like it gives it a classic look while still being a somewhat new idea. I also LOVED the fact that some of their watches are made with Koa wood. I have a Hawaiian background and I will take any opportunity I can to wear Koa. I feel like wood watches are still catching on, but I can guarantee that Jord has it figured out.

Make sure you take a look at what Jord has to offer and don’t miss out on their Valentine’s Day specials! You also have the chance to win some $$$ towards a Jord watch!  Just follow this link to enter and you could win $100 towards a watch of your choice! And you get $25 just for entering! So honestly, you should at least try.  These watches also make great gifts for him or her. If I had a girlfriend, one of Jord’s watches would certainly be on the gift list.




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