Leaves Are FALLing











img_3333It’s that time of year again; Summer has slipped away (I swear, fastest season of the year) and we are already knee-deep into October. This is arguably my favorite season because of all of the natural colors that come out. The leaves change color and litter the ground. There is a chill in the air that you haven’t felt in months, and there is something I love about that. Almost a faint familiarity for something you knew long ago.

Beyond the nostalgia of the changing weather and cozy feelings of fall, it is also probably my favorite season for fashion. Your wardrobe can reflect the changing colors of fall and, even better, you get the opportunity for layers. Wearing layers is one way to look stylish wherever you go, but to also stay warm now that the weather is getting colder and a little more brisk. I am always keeping my eyes peeled for new light-weight jackets, scarves, coats, etc. this time of year. You have so many options to put together.

It was an overcast day, about mid-60s temperature, a typical fall day in Seattle. Megan (@lushmeg) and I walked around the Capitol Hill neighborhood trying to find some cool scenery. I highly recommend checking out Volunteer Park and everything it has to offer. Since it was a little cooler out and a perfect fall day, I took the opportunity to rock some layers.


BDG Denim Jacket (Urban Outfitters has tons of Denim right now)

Bonobos ‘The Grind’ Dress Shirt

Easy Care Merino Vee Sweater

UO Easton Skinny Stretch Chino Pant

Boots by Cole Haan

Original Grain Minimalist Collection Ebony/Matte Black

Warby Parker Vaughan Eyeglasses

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