Spring is in the Air

It is finally beginning to warm up a little in Seattle. We can look forward to putting away the heavy coats from winter and grabbing the lightweight jacket, or no jacket at all! We aren’t quite there yet, but close. The sunny, warm days we have had in the last couple of weeks have certainly been encouraging and I have been trying to take advantage.

I took the opportunity to hang out with Megan (@lushmeg) and we walked around Capitol Hill in search of some cool walls. I know that sounds a little ridiculous, but Cap Hill has lots of walls with sweet street art and brick and old buildings and such, ok? As expected, we found some.

It was warmer on this particular day so I made sure to dress for the weather. I chose to wear some lighter-weight t-shirts with an overcoat and jean jacket. I also decided to wear my fedora. I felt that with the ripped jeans, trendy shirts, and jean jacket it just fit.

I am extremely excited for warmer weather. Seattle is beautiful in the sunlight (and warmth) and I can’t wait to spend more time outside. Don’t get me wrong, I love layering and warm jackets and all that, but I would much rather leave the coats hanging up. Also, keep an eye out for more stuff from the Seattle Gents. We are definitely growing and have some more events lined up! Can’t wait to share all of the content!


Fedora: Brixton ‘Messer’ Fedora

Jackets: Wool Blend Tweed Topcoat, BDG Core Denim Trucker Jacket

Shirts: H&M Henley Shirt, Calvin Klein Jeans Reissue Tee, Feathers Curved Hem Tee

Jeans: Zara Basic Jeans

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

Watch: Jord Dover Series




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