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Seattle may have seen it’s best spring ever. I mean, it has been really impressive. Since the sunshine has been sticking around for us, I thought I would show off some of my favorite places in the Seattle area to go to on a nice day. You can usually find me meandering around Capitol Hill, but on this particular day some friends and I chose to walk down into the city!

First, we walked down to the ever-famous Pike Place Market. They have an incredible assortment of, well, pretty much anything. Everything from fruits, veggies, flowers, arts and crafts, antiques, and of course, fish. Even if I don’t have anything in particular to shop for, I always walk out of Pike Place with something. On this day, I treated myself to some Elleno’s yogurt. Seriously, the tastiest Greek yogurt evaaaaaaa, tastes like ice cream. I’m serious. You should try it.

After stopping by Pike Place, we made a quick stop at Kerry Park just to take in the view. It cannot be beaten. From there, we moved over to Gasworks Park to lie in the sun near the water and take it all in. Gasworks is arguably my favorite park in Seattle. It has such a good vibe, and the historic gas pumps give it some serious character. It also looks over Lake Union and has a great view of the city.

It was another hot day, so I made sure to dress for the occasion. I am rocking my J Crew white linen button-down, which is perfect for this hot weather. Linen is light and airy: the definition of summer fabric. I also just got these Calvin Klein Chinos. I found them at Macy’s and they are comfortable, versatile, and extremely affordable. I would highly recommend them. I paired this black/white look with my brand new white Vans—Damn, Daniel! I forgot how comfortable Vans are and versatile enough to be worn with almost anything.

Summer is right around the corner and I expect a scorcher by the way this spring has gone! Can’t wait!


Photos: Daniel Harrington


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