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I have had the pleasure of working with a local Seattle clothing company and design studio on the rise. Buki Brand is a clothing line rethinking the way that clothing fits, functions, and feels. That’s why founder and designer, Joey Rodolfo, calls this “The Wardrobe Revolution.”

“Buki” stands for defend and protect, which is what the Buki Brand clothing offers: defense and protection against the elements. Buki uses technical fiber innovation from Japanese technology. Combining this technology with the luxurious fabrics being used makes the Buki Brand an unbeatable option. They also focus on the modern styles and minimalist looks. This allows them to be very present in current fashion trends, especially with the comfortable, tailored fit of the clothing.

Check out all of the cool technical properties and innovations of Kinoki-3.0, the Buki fiber technology! The benefits are pretty remarkable!


And if you don’t believe me, go try it out for yourself. It is seriously eye-opening once you are able to feel these fabrics. They currently have a Buki Pop-Up Shop in downtown Seattle. Located at 1826 6th Ave.  The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm. But make sure you get down there to check it out as soon as possible! The shop will only be open November 5th – December 31st! So don’t delay!

If you do decide you want to try out these sensational fabrics and be part of The Wardrobe Revolution, don’t forget to use the code WEIGE15 for 15% off your orders from and inside the Pop-Up Shop!


Buki CPO Shirt

Buki Hero Henley



*All photos by the very talented @dillon_ivory*


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